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Uncle Billy's Old Fashioned Can

new nium product launch

old fashioned energy drink

As we all crave that balance between chilling out + feeling super hyper, we've crafted a chill, smoky–sweet bourbon cocktail mixed with the high octane intensity of an energy drink.

Get your craft cocktail energy drink on at The Friary today!

launching april 1, 2022

sold in 4 pack pounders
4.01% ABV
made with real smoke

happy april fool’s day!

Smoked Old-fashioned Photo

uncle billy’s 10-ingredient smoked old fashioned

This is my version of an Old Fashioned…based on too much personal testing and experimentation…more like 40.1% ABV!


2 ounces bourbon (or whiskey) Jim Beam Black is a solid choice

2 dashes chocolate bitters (I prefer Fee Brothers Bitters)

2 dashes orange bitters

4 dashes regular bitters

¼ ounce Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

¼ ounce Bauchant Orange Liqueur (or triple sec)

¼ ounce demerara sugar simple syrup

1 orange peel

1 Luxardo cherry



Add all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake lightly with ice to chill, and strain into a smoked old fashioned glass, preferably with a single large ice cube. Smoking the glass adds a lot of depth to the flavor and is definitely worth the effort! Garnish with an orange peel and cherry. The overall sweetness of the drink will vary depending on what bourbon or whiskey you use, so if it’s too sweet, just add more booze to cut the sweetness.


Here’s how I smoke a glass…Use a small ceramic container with a few cherry or applewood wood chips in it, make sure that your glass will fit over the container upside down. Use a butane torch to ignite the wood chips and once they start to burn steadily, invert your highball glass over the flame and lightly smoke the glass. I prefer a lighter smoke, too much smoke will accumulate on the glass and overpower the drink. If you’re making multiple drinks just smoke each glass and leave them upside down to contain the smoke. If you don’t have a torch just use a set of tongs to hold a wood chip over a gas flame on the stove to ignite it, but using a  torch is much easier!


join me for a drink

I’d love to make you an old fashioned sometime so stop by the office and say hi, plus you can choose your own bourbon or whiskey from our bar!

Ingredients for an old-fashioned
Using a torch to smoke a glass
An old-fashioned with Jim Beam and a shaker
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