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fast, fresh and 
inventive design

Cucinova Logo
Cucinova Restaurant Interior

Cucinova came to Nium with an idea for a BYO “Urban Italian” concept. We worked with them to create a logo and a brand essence that was contemporary, and appealed to the urban market. For the customer experience, we designed store graphics, menus, packaging, and team t-shirts. Then we extended their branding to event promotion, local advertising, and social media. The results (and food) were a fresh hit.

what we did:


design + creative
print + digital campaigns
full photography
production + fulfillment

Cucinova Promotional Campaign Samples
Cucinova Menu Images
Cucinova Fresh Inspiration Signage
Cucinova Website
Cucinova Storefront Image

Cucinova was a new brand — and that meant they need to constantly adjust their brand promotions quickly in reaction to customer behavior. Thanks to our integrated print capabilities, we were able to create and update marketing and signage materials quickly to adapt to these always-changing customer insights. We’re used to this kind of speed and change. Our flexibility is due, in part, to the many years we've serviced food and retail brands.

up fresh

Cucinova Pizza Box Packaging
Cucinova-Logo Movie
Cucinova Yelp Invitations
Cucinova Crosswalk Menu Image
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