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competing on brand promises - not price

Sbarro Pizza Logo.png
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what we did:


powerful promotions
menu redesign
product photography

Before teaming with Nium in 2012, Sbarro ran only price-incentive messaging. This positioning can quickly erode a brand and make it more difficult to compete on any attribute other than price.

Sbarro Menu Panel Design.jpg

We suggested changes to promotions to create a more powerful brand presence and executed that vision with new graphics, product photography, handouts, menus, digital communication, and menu redesigns.

Sbarro Door Hanger Menu.gif
Sbarro Menu Door Hanger on Doorknob.jpg

As an extension of Sbarro’s marketing team, we closely collaborate on creative ideas for food marketing and promotions. We also provide tactical day-to-day support for Sbarro’s eateries such as menu panels and handouts.

& more

Detail picture of Sbarro Pizza Box Design.jpg
Sbarro Pizza Box and Paper.png
Sbarro Pizza Box Side View.jpg
Sbarro Deli Wrap Paper Detail View.jpg
Sbarro Cold Cup.jpg
Sbarro Buzz Word Border.jpg

we create a more powerful brand presence and executed that vision with new graphics

Sbarro 4 Cheese Pizza  LTO Signage.jpg
Sbarro X-Treme Pepperoni Pizza Signage.jpg
Sbarro Garden Harvest Veggie Pizza Signage.jpg
Sbarro Roman Style Pizza Signage.jpg
Sbarro Sausage and Pepper Pizza Signage.jpg
Sbarrro BBQ Chicken Pizza Signage.jpg

We jump in to implement everything from a single-location test concepts to fulfillment of promotions to all 275 restaurants across the U.S. This structure has provided Sbarro with the ability to grow its franchise operation efficiently.

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Sbarro 3 Pepper Pizza Icon.png
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