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updating a
pittsburgh classic

Mancinis Brad Logo.png
Mancinis Bread Ital-Yinz T-shirt.jpg

Nium helped Mancini’s Bread build on their 90-year heritage with a clean, refreshed style that bridges their past with their future with a new website, packaging and approach to their heritage.

what we did:


design + creative
web design
logo design
print campaigns + collateral
package design
creative photography
product photography

Mancinis Bread on Cooling Rack.jpg
Mancinis Proudly Served Here Sign.jpg
Mancinis Bread Website Images.gif
Laptop Screen for Website.png

Mancini’s Bread has a Pittsburgh icon since 1926 but hadn’t updated their brand in decades. Nium worked to take existing brand elements, refresh them and incorporate new messaging, keeping them relevant for future generations.


Mancinis Sauces & Oils.jpg
Mancinis Bread Delivery Truck.jpg
Mancinis Bread Business Cards.gif
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