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next gen

Connolly Steele Logo.png
CSC Financial Strategies Logo.png
Connolly Steele Website Banner

what we did:


a rebranding
logo design
print collateral
web design

email marketing
signage design

Accounting firm Connolly, Steele + Company and their financial division, CSC Financial Strategies wanted to update their brand and positioning with their move to a new building. Nium rebranded both companies with a new look that relates to their past, connects the brands and looks to the future.

Connolly Steele Website.gif

Li Connolly from Connoly Steele + Company says that their new branding, website and collateral lets them “punch way above their weight” when pursuing larger companies for new business.

design that makes dollars and cents

Connolly Steele Logo.png
Connolly Steele Business Cards.jpg
Connolly Steele Stationery.gif
Connolly Steele & CSC Financial Strategies Exterior Sign.jpg
Connolly Steele & CDC Financial Strategies Exterior Sign at Night.jpg

From rebranding to designing a sign, we look at all of the ways that we can extend your brand presence. Connolly, Steele + Company and CSC Financial Strategies are great examples of how we took two separate brands and united them.

CSC Financial Strategies Logo.png
CSC Financial Strategies Business Cards.jpg
CSC Financial Strategies Letterhead.gif
CSC Financial Strategies Brochures.jpg
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