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Bruegger's Bagels Logo.png

Nium created multiple collateral materials for national bakery chain Bruegger’s Bagels to promote various LTO campaigns, in-bakery POP and various initiatives. We handled all points in the process from design to production with delicious results.

what we did:


design + creative
print + digital campaign
full photography
production + fulfillment

Brueggers Bagel Sandwich.jpg
Window Poster Mockup Bulk Bagel copy.jpg
Bruegger's Bagels Phone App.png
Brueggers Bakers Gonna Bake T-shirt.jpg
Brueggers Menu Panel Detail View.jpg

All points in our process follow an efficient project schedule and seamlessly merge or overlap along the way to the eventual campaign kickoff. This allows us the flexibility to make adjustments mid-stream without sacrificing quality. In the end it’s all about selling delicious bagels and we’re pretty successful at that.

Brueggers Bagels A-frame LTO Signage.gif
Brueggers Catering Brochure.jpg
Brueggers Add Avocado Header.jpg
Brueggers Coffee and Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese.jpg
Brueggers Bagels Menu Banner Above Serving Line.jpg
Brueggers Bagels Takeout Menus.gif

What’s not to love about Bruegger’s Bagels? Our creative echos the high quality product that our client bakes. With attractive visuals and fun typography, our designs communicate
Bruegger’s voice with so much flavor.

up fresh

Bruegger's Bagels Herb Garlic Cream Cheese Lid_edited.png
Bruegger's Bagels Inner Circle Logo.jpg
Brueggers Bagels Coffee Cup.jpg
Empty Phone.png
Brueggers Bagels Airport Sign.jpg
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