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movin' forward

There’s not much that we can say that hasn’t already been said about the last year and a half. A time marked by the global pandemic, political and social unrest, and economic volatility. Nium, much like every other business, has undergone a transformation of our workplace, processes, and technologies. While deliberately taking a hiatus on push communications, we put our energies into evaluating what disruptions are here to stay for Nium operations while reinventing how we keep our creativity thriving to continually deliver the kinds of services and insights that meet our client’s evolving needs.

While our core values and dedication to delivering exceptional work remains the same, there are some transformational points we feel important to highlight and which we believe will improve client and Nium satisfaction and results. Among those include:

  • A recognition that the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a highly personal, individual experience that is also an unprecedented globally shared occurrence. Every single person we know has been impacted in different ways. We are putting prioritization of health and emotional well-being to the forefront of everything we do, which we feel will lead to better outcomes personally and professionally.

  • An emphasis on cultivating partnerships that are equally beneficial. We know how to design deliverables, but our clients know their organizations best. We will rely on the experts to provide frameworks for us to work within and have expectations defined before proceeding with the work.

  • A hopefulness that we will be able to take on project work with local organizations that are bettering the community we live in. The pandemic has shown that empathy is a key driving force in our communities. No one wants to see businesses go away. We are actively seeking client partners who could benefit from a creative support system to elevate their good work.

Though we are still navigating through recovery and unfortunately relapse with the pandemic; lessons we have learned on how to keep businesses moving forward during an unprecedented crisis will certainly lend themselves to a more positive future. One that we hope you are apart of!

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