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global marketing.

Magnet logo
Magnet Meeting Book Covers

Magnet Global Network, a worldwide association of independent advertising agencies, partnered with Nium to update its brand image and enhance its member communications. This resulted in new affiliations and increased membership. 

what we did:


design + creative
print + digital campaigns
event marketing
production + fulfillment

Magnet logo animation
Magnet ChargeSpot in Environment
Magnet Stationery Business Cards
Magnet Matters being read by a person
Magnet Lecture Series

Nium gave Magnet a bevy of services that supported their agency network expansion. Some of these services included new designs for event programs and member magazines for better ease-of-use. Other services included a member-only web portal to promote upcoming meetings and to provide meeting archives. All of these helped to communicate Magnet's unique position in the market and specific value to agencies who choose to invest with Magnet.

Magnet Member Directory Cover
Magnet Capabilities Brochure
Magnet Meeting Posters
Magnet Meeting materials on a laptop screen
Magnet Miami Meeting Slide Cover
Magnet Miami Meeting Slide

With Magnet's focus on recruiting new agencies worldwide we've helped them present an organizational image to appeal to world-class advertising and marketing agencies.

increasing brand awareness world-wide

Magnet Rochester Screen
Magnet Meeting Cover Samples
Magnet Map of agemcy locations
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