Print is alive and kicking


What’s Old is New Again

We love print. We aren’t going to sugar coat it. Yes, we know we live in a digital word. The undeniable benefits and pizazz of digital marketing surround us. We use it. We create for it. We promote it. We are without a doubt connected… and, like many of you, are endlessly scrolling on Facebook when we should be sleeping, exercising, or baking something from scratch. We pin, tweet, and tag. We would be lost without Google and Waze. Quite literally. There is simply no denying the importance and hypnotic appeal of all that is digital. It is addictive and convenient. However, print is our first and one true love, and we are not alone.

According to (2013), direct mail is viewed as trustworthy by 56% of consumers, and one in three say they would have a negative view of brands not offering printed communications. And 68% of consumers ages 18-24 react to advertisements in print newspapers, including coupons, reports the Newspaper Association of America. According to research completed for The Little Book of Bigger Returns (2011), direct mail helped improve the lift of local ads by 44% and online campaigns by 62%. Perhaps the most shocking of all–MILLENNIALS LOVE PRINT. Go ahead and read that again. Your eyes are not deceiving you. In a Washington Post article, Michael Rosenwald describes what he calls “a peculiar irony of the Internet age.” Millennials like the feel and the smell (of printed books), they like writing in the margins and underlining phrases. Rosenwald quotes an American University student who commented in regards to a book he’s reading: “I like the feeling of it. I like holding it. It’s not going off. It’s not making sounds.”

Digital media offers immense opportunity for connecting people, sharing information, and supporting striking visual graphics, but it can also fall short in satisfying emotional needs. The very attributes that make it so great can also create distraction, which interferes with viewers’ focus and message comprehension. cites almost eight out of ten millennials say “Physical cards/letters make me feel more connected to people than digital notes (emails, SMS, etc.).” So when you are strategizing how to most strongly connect with your target, keep print as part of your courtship lineup.

Remember, print:

Drives digital traffic

Stands out in a digital world

Makes your brand tactile and credible

Is easier on your eyes

Feels more personal

When mixed with digital media is more powerful than either medium alone

There really is a place for print in every brand’s marketing plan. From business cards to mailers, publications to posters, and die-cut point of sale displays to red carpet step and repeats, print can leave lasting impressions, perhaps even more than its flashier digital counterpart. For brands and budgets big and small, print makes sense when you have the right plan in place.