perhaps the most wonderful-and pensive-time of the year


This may be daringly sappy for our first blog post, but please indulge me.

Yesterday we had a team meeting where we recapped some of the past year's highlights and discussed our goals for 2016. From a bird's-eye view, this meeting looked like pretty standard protocol. There was a Power Point presentation, a large conference room table containing notepads, pens, water bottles, and an unhealthy amount of holiday chocolates and treats, all with a dozen engaged employees sitting around the table. But from an insider's perspective, this was really something special.

It certainly felt good to see bullet points on the big screen itemizing some of our more public and tactile accomplishments for the year–like winning a Gold Pittsburgh Addy and a Silver District 2 Addy for our Western PA Humane Society Calendar, being named one of Pittsburgh's Coolest Offices by the Pittsburgh Business Times and receiving accolades from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Renovation Contest for our dramatic space transformation. For those already familiar with our company and our campus, you know it was quite a twisting and winding road that led to the completion of our new building. We really can now say we are settled in and it feels like home. So much so, in fact, that we holiday-decorated like crazy and opened our doors to the Ben Avon House Tour a few weeks ago, to celebrate the season and share the new life of our historic property with the surrounding community.

The real takeaway though, at least for me, was our team doesn't just talk the talk. We walk the walk together. Of all the work that we have done and the spatial challenges we have overcome, we have much to be proud of and thankful for, but the most amazing accomplishment could simply be that we have all arrived here together. 2015 brought us new teammates and new processes to support our company's growth, which in other organizations could cause strain as tugs-of-war between "old" and "new" are common. But yesterday, here at Nium, we heard longtime employees offering (unsolicited) shout-outs to new workmates for their contributions to the team and ease in transition. We heard a new employee comment on how this team really is different, saying she has never before worked in a place where everyone is so willing to pitch in to get work done and go above and beyond for clients, and without "attitude." (No compensation was offered for her comments.) There was a palpable, unified sense of pride at the table, that together, we really can make just about anything happen. We know we aren't perfect and we have areas of improvement earmarked for 2016, but we also know we are really good at solving design challenges and logistics–together. We also have a pretty good time doing it. And that, my friends, is worth our candy-covered conference room table's weight in gold.

So from our conference table to yours, we wish you and your team some time to not only celebrate your accomplishments, but also celebrate the path and people that made them possible.